Salivating over salads

March 3, 2011

In deepest Winter, including most of the Christmas period, I was focused on salads. This is a first. Along with most other people at this time of year, I would have formerly been seeking plenty of seasonal stodge.

Well, I’m sure you’ll be thinking: it’s not the time of year for lettuce. And I agree – but therein lies the key to my success. Other ingredients had to be used instead. And then I could hardly stop, because, you know what? There’s heaps of alternative ingredients.

I’m happy to say that my dedication to eating one satisfying salad meal a day was actually, delightful. Aside from the bonus of boosting my immune system which kept me free from colds and snuffles, I also managed to produce a recipe book. Just as the snow was melting, A salad a day, came off the press. Now that the weather is warmer, perhaps your interest in salads is revived, too? If so, you now know about a great little book. It’s easy to download – why don’t you try it?

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