Are you ready to take a fresh look at the food you eat?

If you are serious about becoming healthier, want to eat better but need a helping hand, you’re in the right place.

Dietary improvement is not just about what you eat: it’s also about how you eat. Poor habits can be responsible for:

  • lack of energy or stamina
  • digestive discomfort
  • mood swings, irritability, poor concentration or headaches
  • niggling skin issues, swollen or painful joints
  • excessive weight gain

Avoid taking handfuls of pills. Many conditions can be prevented or resolved using natural foods, and your body’s own innate healing power. My role as a raw food teacher and nutritional advisor is to provide you with clear digestible information, and practical know-how, so you can help yourself to improve or maintain your general health.

If you suspect a food intolerance, a raw food approach may be helpful as it tends to avoid dairy, gluten, refined sugar and caffeine – common triggers. You don’t have to sign up to being a raw foodie, but learning how to use alternatives could bring you relief. Why not try a class?

If you are bewildered by vegetables but have a health issue that a fresher diet and lifestyle changes may improve, then you’ll want a savvy guide to help you get to know your leafy greens from roots. You don’t want to be lectured at, or judged for being less than perfect. A complete overhaul is not on the cards, but you’re okay with small, do-able changes. These can make a big difference, so hop over to this starting point.

If you are a proactive, health conscious individual who believes in the saying that prevention is better than cure, you already understand the importance of a varied, plant-based diet. You’re always hungry for new ideas, and want to do more. I can help build your confidence in using a wide range of ingredients and food preperation techniques. Check out this menu of practical activities.

About me
I’m Kathryn, a well-balanced, smiley person, fascinated with all aspects of food. In particular, the way it affects your health, and especially the way it affects your digestive system. I was brought up to believe that good health is your greatest asset in life, and that looking after it was your first priority.

I hold a diploma in naturopathic nutrition (Natural Healthcare College), and am an Associate of the Naturopathic Nutrition Association (NNA), with a philosophy based on promoting wellness rather than curing illness, and addressing root causes rather than just symptoms.