Bite the cherry: raw food events

June 21, 2012

If you’ve ever dabbled with the idea of eating raw food as a way of upgrading your health and energy, then here are two summer events coming up that you’ll want to know about. The first date may just centre around yourself, the second can more easily involve family and friends – but they aren’t mutally exclusive – the more the merrier.

These are celebration days when you can connect with others doing the same thing, either  in real-life, or through social media.

  • Weds. Jul 11th 2012 This is a dive right in challenge. Eat only raw meals for just one day. International Raw Food Day, launched by UK-based, Karen Knowler, the Raw Food Coach. Lots of resources & moral support to help you plan and carry out this out for the day itself, or indeed longer, if you get the taste for it!
  • Sun. 26th Aug. 2012 Create a social event. Host or go to a local potluck, share something you’ve made and sample a variety of food made by others. World Raw Food Day, coordinated by miscellaneous groups across the globe.

To support your more sustained, long-term and day-to-day approach, this is as good a time as any to remind you of the different ways I can help you hone your raw food skills and habits:


download Raw Appetite’s ‘I love breakfast’ recipe collection. This contains 9 quick everyday breakfast-bowl ideas using a range of nourishing whole grains, seeds, and nuts. Plus a formula for non-dairy milks. Just £3.99

download Raw Appetite’s ‘Every day’s a salad day’ recipe ebook. 26 recipes for salad meals covering every season. Includes a chapter on different salad dressings. Only £8.99

Get two titles at the same time for a bundle price of £10

~ subscribe to Raw Appetite’s free ezine for a fresh recipe + more, delivered direct to your inbox each month

Food prep classes

I do around ten half-day food demo classes a year, using specific meal-times as a theme, or seasonal produce. The next one is Jul 21st 2012. Between times, you can commission me for individual or small group sessions, themed to suit your own circumstances. Practical or theory based, you choose. Contact me to talk through.

Raw food potluck & meet-up

I’ll willingly co-ordinate this for Aug. at a local-ish venue in or neighbouring, the Peak District. Expressions of interest to me by email, please. A minimum of 6 and we’ll do it. Let me know how you’d like to participate by choosing one of the following categories: diner | co-organiser | venue host | Also, if you prefer an early evening or mid-afternoon time.

So that’s it – no excuses to not try, and no time like the present to get upgrade your health by improving the way you eat. Have a delectable summer, let me know how you get on.

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