3 ways to get more from your veg.

October 12, 2015

I’ve got my mind on allotments. Specifically what is currently being harvested from them. It’s a joy to see the quality and variety that can be produced by the local community. For a nutritionist, it underlines how straightforward healthy eating actually is. If you’re fed up with the largely commercial-led labelling of food as super this and that, why not on keep to the tried and tested, age-old concept of…eating seasonally. This means more than selecting what’s touted as fresh by supermarkets; it means understanding what is being grown and …

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Raw Baking

August 13, 2015

Being as partial to cakes and pastries as most people, I’d be the last person to preach to you about excluding these indulgent fancies from your life. Believe me, you can create the most delicious and nutritious sweet treats with wholesome ingredients, but the denser textures and naturally intense flavours are quite different from conventional baking. I am an advocate of raw baking as a variation rather than a complete replacement of standard baking, and happily switch between both. If you are a nervous about venturing into new territory, a …

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Dressed to Eat: home-made salad dressings (4 of 4)

June 29, 2015

Ranch dressing is more common in the USA than the UK and is lighter and thinner than mayonnaise. Conventionally it is made with buttermilk and herbs which keeps it tangy and fresh tasting. To keep this recipe raw, mildly sweet and buttery cashew nuts are used instead. Cashews contain minerals such as copper, manganese and magnesium which collectively can benefit your bones, skin and joints. The fats are the same type found in olive oil (oelic acid) which is helpful to the body and research shows it can help lower …

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Dressed to Eat: home-made salad dressings (3 of 4)

June 18, 2015

There are so many reasons to make avocados a staple on your shopping list. Apart from a yummy, smooth texture, it’s versatile: pair it with sweet or savoury flavours, use it in the kitchen, and on your skin. The health promoting virtues of this fruit include: a multitude of vitamins and minerals – over 20, in fact a density of good fats. These make nutrients easier to absorb, and promotes satiety. The fats are the type that lower cholesterol, and boost heart health anti-inflammatory properties – which may ease symptoms …

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Dressed to Eat: home-made salad dressings (2 of 4)

June 14, 2015

Here’s one secret to feeling more energised: flip the standard composition of your meals. Aim for half a plate of vegetables every time. If you tend to build your meals around the main carbohydrate or protein source (meat, eggs, beans or grains), try reversing it and build it around the vegetables instead. You’ll be surprised how quickly and easily it is to feel much healthier by simply flipping this around. Include the protein element which is essential for balancing your meal, and include a small condiment amount of carbohydrate. But …

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