Food Fairs

August 5, 2011

Although I’ve often mooched around farmers markets and small scale food fairs, I never imagined myself behind a stall at one. Yet, this Sunday I’ll be clocking up my 6th event in as many months. I’ve done it both solo, and jointly with Paul, of Strongman Chillies, and this coming weekend with Vicki, of Natural Fayre. Either way, it’s a very sociable activity.

Although my business is about food, it’s not as a producer. I’m a promoter of fresh, home-made, self-made stuff – so it’s ironic that I’ve got caught up in this. When you mention raw food, most people struggle to visualise what you mean, but having a stall to showcase a selection of items is one of the simplest ways of demystifying it all.

And so, here I am, preparing items for another event at Baslow, and looking forward to meeting new people, hearing their stories, and witnessing their ‘raw’ reactions. Here’s the menu (I’ll add the photo’s as I make the food). Err…, slight glitch, the battery on my camera was flat. The re-charger is eleswhere. I’ll take photo’s when I next make the recipes, instead:

Flax crackers with Italian seasoning:
Courgetter crisps:
Mediterranean Dolmas:

Herb salad with sprouted quinoa:
Watermelon and cinnamon juice:

If you’re out and about near Chatsworth on Sunday 7th, drop by, why don’t you?

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