In Pursuit of Healthiness

~ bite-sized classes on how to eat, look, and feel miles better 

Boost your knowledge and increase your confidence

 Learn how to take control of your everyday health in 5 easy lessons


This relaxed nutrition series lets you:

  • focus on one topic at a time so you can digest just the right amount of information
  • understand the reasons why certain foods can have a negative impact on your health
  • see how to put clear advice into practice with live recipe demonstrations
  • taste how delicious food can be using alternative ingredients
  • ask questions that apply to you as an individual
  • take away a resource pack to refer to and follow-up in your own time

This class is for you

Green applesif you care about your own health, want to nourish your loved ones – and be 

a great role model for them

Prevention is better than cure. Why wait for a health crisis?

We’ll cover the most common areas of food that disrupts health, with units on:

    • refined sugar
    • unhealthy fats
    • gluten containing grains
    • beige coloured staples 
    • non-hydrating, stress inducing, drinks

Get an insight into how to resolve niggling health concerns: weight gain, skin issues, digestive discomfort, muddled thinking, lack of concentration, general aches and pains, disturbed sleep…

Now, isn’t that absolutely an investment worth making?


Saturday mornings in Jun & Jul

Dates: 15th Jun – 20th Jul 2013

Venue: The Hub, Food4Macc

Times: 10am -12:30pm

Costs: £150 (single payment), £80 x 2 (installment)

Alternatively, £35 per class, if opting to pick and mix units