Mentoring Testimonials

I have attended a number of Kathryn’s raw food classes, and always been impressed by her skill, knowledge, and professionalism, so I knew I would be happy with the quality of her mentoring programme.

As a gluten-free vegan, I wanted to ensure my energy levels were maintained and that my health was not compromised by my own lack of knowledge. I gained a great deal of useful information from the dietary assessment, together with practical advice that was simple but effective. I am much more confident in my menu planning and food preparation now, and as a result I am eating a greater variety of foods.

Kathryn has the ability to pinpoint key areas for improvement, and I was amazed at her sheer enthusiasm. What stood out most was her gentle and easy approach to food; her relaxed attitude is refreshing and reassuring. Kathryn is a great listener, thinks things through, and comes up with original and agreeable solutions. A true professional, and a great nutritionalist.

Jennifer, Retired prison teacher, Volunteer school gardener, Allotment holder and Gym bunny, South Yorkshire

Whilst I did general health and fitness, I used to eat a lot of bread. It was a big problem as it made me feel bloated and sluggish. I sought a mentor to help me improve my food choices, as I wanted to feel better. Kathryn was friendly, genuine, very knowledgeable, and understanding – a good match.

Her programme helped me improve my meal preparation, as I learnt how to include more fruit, vegetables, and herbs. This variety means I can keep my food choices fun and interesting. As a result, I have gradually cleaned up my breakfast and evening meals. I will eventually do lunch as well.

The bread thing was overcome – it dropped by 80% – which was fantastic. My cravings for sweet biscuits in the evening has reduced, and I now have much more energy. I’m happy that my stomach is no longer blaoted and my digestion is so much better. I experienced healthy weight loss, better energy levels, noticeable improvements in my eyes and skin tone. My family and friends became curious and have since adopted some of my new food choices; they too are experiencing similar benefits.

Afzal, Health, fitness and living inspired, Sheffield