In Celebration of Apples: 1 of 3

October 8, 2013

It’s October. Harvest-time. Especially, apple bounty. If you’re blessed with a tree laden with ripe fruit it can make you feel ridiculously rich.

My own little tree (Laxton’s Superb) hasn’t presented me with any fruit yet, but I know it’s been a great year generally and so, I’m celebrating anyway.

It’s great to be able to join local Apple Day events by doing demo’s that focus on apples.  I truely love the particularity of these occassions.  The fruit is so common-place that it’s easy to forget how fantastically nutritious they are.

I decided against printing recipe leaflets this year and I have instead chosen to write a 3-part post. Do try the recipes in them, and let me know how you get on – perhaps share your own recipes whilst you’re at it.

Unsweetened, No-cook, Apple Sauce

Actually, this is a sweet trick. You know how freezing then thawing your fruit will mostly make it mushy? Well…when you deliberately apply that to apples, it can be turned into sauce almost effortlessly.

Magically, the process makes them taste sweeter too, so you don’t need to add any extra.No-cook Applesauce


Dice a couple of apples, put in a freezer bag. Add the juice of half a lemon, along with 1 tsp cinnamon and some grated nutmeg. Close the bag and squish everything up to mix and cover. Put the bag in the freezer overnight. Thaw the next day (or whenever you need apple-sauce). It is possible to peel the skins off at this stage (a bit tiresome if you’re doing a large quantity, but bearable if not). I haven’t tried peeling them before freezing, but I guess that’s an option. Of course, you can just leaving them intact, as I do, and you ge the benefit of the phytonutrients in the peel – which is considerable.

Finally put the thawed apples in a food processor to break down further. Retain some chunkiness by using the pulse operation rather than the blend. Alternatively, use a hand masher.

There you have it: all ready to use. Dollop some onto your morning porridge, use in a smoothie, or put in your baking. Try it in these more-ish peanut butter cookies (In Celebration of Apples: 2 of 3).


If you like this series of recipes, there’s more.

Until the end of October, you can download my ‘Apples Galore’ recipe collection for FREE.

That’s 12 luscious apple recipes for breakfast, lunch, or evening, including snacks and drinks. Just leave your email address here. In the subject line, type: Apple Recipes. I’ll send you the collection right away.




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