Raw Baking

June 9, 2013

Before you think this post might be about how to use raw milk and eggs, what follows is vegan (no dairy, no eggs, no white sugar, and mostly, gluten-free).

I did a food demo yesterday at the Bakewell Baking Festival. Bakewell is a characterful market town in Derbyshire, set in a lush green landscape, with pretty water meadows, an ancient church, and a range of shops which draws in people from the smaller villages around, as well as tourists. The leaflets which I had printed to give my audience had more information than I had time to cover. They went as quick as you could blink-an-eye, so I thought I’d also publish the list the references here.

Green smoothie In case you think I’ve been over-indulging in cakes in the cause of this event, this is what I had for breakfast today.
 It’s pretty standard for me to have a green smoothie. Today’s was a mix of pineapple, pear, kiwi and kale. It will set me up until it’s time for a quality local product, Derbyshire pyclets later on – all in the spirit of the Festival.

I’m a casual sort of baker, but I like my sweet treats as much as anyone, and more happy than most to potter in the kitchen. If you’d like to see what can be achieved without too much effort, browse the photo-album on my Facebook pages to see if anything tempts you.

Otherwise, I absolutely guarentee that the creations from the talented line-up of people below will get you drooling, and open your eyes wide to the wonderful world of raw baking, desserts – and who know what more.


Comfy Belly
Nouveau Raw


Sweetly Raw

The Rawtarian

Fragrant Vanilla Cake

Caramelia Cakery

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