General Dietary Advice

If you don’t require or want a dietary review and plan, but would love a chance to ask questions and receive general guidance, this is a great option.

Maybe you are bambozzled by the often contradictory pronouncements in the media about what’s good or bad for your health? The confusion stops you from acting – that’s just wasted time that could be used to make changes, and feel better, sooner.

There are plenty of unknowns, and not everything is black or white of course, but if you’d like some clarity on a general nutritional topic, Contact Me for a focus session.

I can advise on eating for energy, digestive well-being, boosting your immunity, managing sugar balance, and managing your risk of adrenal fatigue. These one hour advisory sessions focus on food and drink options, rather than supplements.

Cost £55

This includes:
– initial pre-call questionnaire to scope your request and help me understand your query(ies)
– the 1:1 conversation
– any follow-up response, such as related research activity I agree to undertake on your behalf, or a post-session clarity call, if required

Contact Me To Make A Booking

Sometimes, follow-up calls are appreciated to check on changes and results. If booked at the conclusion of our call, you can take advantage of favourable rates:
£20 for half hour, or £35 for additional full hours.