Individual Dietary Assessment

This is an efficient but detailed consultation process. This is what to expect:

  • Stage 1: You undertake to keep a food and drink diary for one week
  • Stage 2: We arrange a time to discuss your current health situation, the factors that may have influenced this, and to identify your goals
  • Stage 3: I digest your information, and prepare a tailored plan of action for you with specific recommendations
  • Stage 4: We then go through your individual report, ensuring you understand the reasoning for any suggested changes, and that you’re happy about them being realistic and do-able
  • Stage 5: Over to you!
  • Stage 6: Review session. Most people find it helpful to plan in a milestone discussion to help keep them on course. It is also an opportunity to refine things or obtain additional advice (optional)

Cost £250 [£285 with option]
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What others have said:

I work long shifts and do triathlon and so good nutrition is really important to me. Food also has to be easy to prepare and quick to eat.

I really appreciated Kathryn’s understanding approach. We talked about my lifestyle and diet, where I was and where I wanted to go with my eating, health and nutrition. Kathryn listened carefully and gave me lots of suggestions and ideas…the very practical-based information sharing was especially helpful.

Belinda (mid-wife and triathlete, Derbyshire)

I consulted Kathryn as I embarked on a 10 week training plan for my first 10k race. I already ate fairly healthily but wanted to optimise my nutrition to help me get the best out of myself as a novice runner.

The initial consultation was direct and to the point. I felt I had been listened to and this was confirmed by the plan that was sent. It was tailored to my likes and dislikes, pre-existing knowledge (i.e. neither patronisingly simple nor too complex) and was concise (i.e. not pages and pages to wade through). Loads of good suggestions were made, all of which sounded appetising and filled me with enthusiasm to get started on the programme.

I found the plan delicious and easy to incorporate into my daily life and shopping. Many of the changes I made have now become part of my daily routine. I completed the 10k in 59 minutes, which is not bad for a beginner, and I am grateful to Kathryn for all her help and support.

Vicki (GP and runner, Cheshire)