Game Changer Mentoring

Ingrained habits are, well, ingrained. It’s a struggle on your own. You tried before – gave up, ran out of steam. But you really want to change that old eating rut.

They say it takes 30 days to to change a habit, so we’re making triple-sure (or, you get to realise 3 goals!). Success breeds confidence, and this can be your game changer.

I’m happy that my stomach is no longer bloated and my digestion is so much better. I experienced healthy weight loss, better energy levels, noticeable improvements in my eyes and skin tone. My family and friends became curious and have since adopted some of my new food choices; they too are experiencing similar benefits…

You will get 6 sessions. This may include:

  • a nutritional review based on an individual dietary assessment
  • a preparation module to focus on specific goals that leads to a structured plan and smart strategies
  • an appropriate mix of practical food-related sessions: smarter shopping, detoxing your cupboards, organising your kitchen, building confidence with new ingredients, or new food preparation techniques*
  • delicious recipes to try and experiment with
  • journal sheets for you to record your progress
  • fortnightly progress, advice and accountability calls
  • email support for raising questions and getting answers throughout

* Practical sessions can be conducted at your home location if geography permits. Alternatively, we can skype.

All you need is commitment – and a willingness to believe that this time, you’ll finally crack it.

I gained a great deal of useful information from the dietary assessment, together with practical advice that was simple but effective. I am much more confident in my menu planning and food preparation now, and as a result I am eating a greater variety of foods…

If you’d like me to work with you, we start with a FREE 20 minute call to get acquainted. I want to hear from you. Contact me and let’s talk.
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