Raw Food Demonstration Classes

Seeing and sampling food prepared with only plant-based ingredients can be an eye opener and education.

It’s tastier and easier than you think to create meals without meat, dairy, or refined sugar – an excess of which are linked to so many modern health issues.

I promise you an appetising occassion – and a full tummy!

This is an excellent way to get ideas for improving your diet if you simply wish to:

  • build your confidence in using fresh, unprocessed ingredients
  • find out about a variety of highly nutritious yet lesser known produce
  • pick healthier alternatives to standard staples

Classes will enable you to:
– see how raw meals are made
– discover what to do with a variety of lesser known produce
– get culinary and nutritional tips
– assess different equipment and preparation techniques
– taste every dish prepared
– ask questions
– replicate recipes at home with a full recipe pack to take away

Recipes and ingredients used in class reflect the changes in seasons, so there is plenty of excuses to come to several – happily, most people do.

Read what others have experienced in my classes.

Commission me to design one for your own group of family, friends or colleagues!