Spring it on

April 4, 2013

What aspects of Spring give you a lift?

  • Seeing clumps of daffodils, or the buds of leaves and blossom on trees
  • Feeling the warmth of the sun, or noticing less bite in running water
  • Hearing the song of returning birds
  • Smelling the greeness of new grass, or the earth as you dig it over for planting
  • Tasting the delicate fresh growth in wild plants like sorrel, nettle, and dandelions

Fresh herbs
As you tune into the signs and signals that alert you to renewal and growth, chances are you’ll want to refresh your approach to health, too. Test yourself with this quick quizz:

1. Which is the most beneficial drink for your body?
a) Decaffeinated coffee b) Pure water c) A fruit juice

2. Which type of exercise also tops you up with Vitamin D?
a) A Wii routine in the living room b) Doing circuit training in the gym c) A walk outside

3. What option best describes the expresson ‘seasonal food’?
a) The latest in exotic superfoods b) Fresh fruit and vegetables c) New flavour-line in branded goods

4. What type of eating traditionally suits Spring-time?
a) Hearty soups and stews b) Fruit pies with lashings of custard or cream c) Wild greens like sorrel, nettle or dandelion

5. What’s the best thing you can do to share the joys of spring with those around you?

a) Smile b) Grumble about how the weather is always changing c) Book a holiday to get as far away from everyone as you can
Answers: 1. b 2. c 3. a 4. c 5. a

When you’re ready to relinquish your Winter eating habits, and let the energy of Spring in, I can help you open the windows and doors to better health with several approaches on how to feel fresh-minted this Spring:

– Drop the weight with gluten-free, dehydrator goodies – April (half day class) at Tideswell School of Food, Tideswell

– Lighten up with sassy salads – May (half day class) at Dove Valley Centre, nr. Longnor, Staffs.

– Smile more In pursuit of healthiness – Jun (6 week course on Sat. mornings) at the Hub, Macclesfield

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