When work charms

July 24, 2011

A few days ago, I used the Dove Valley Centre as a class venue for the first time. After days of rain, the weather stayed dry, and the sun was warm enough to keep the wide glass doors of the studio open throughout. My first client declared it the most peaceful of places. It is – a reward for venturing off the beaten track. It really is a beautiful location.

The theme for the class was breakfasts, my favourite meal of the day. I love it so much it consists of several courses spread over several hours! Actually, easier to manage than you might imagine. We covered vegetable juices, green smoothies, non-dairy milks, cereal bowls and occassional treats – these banana pancakes, for instance, with berries and cream, opposite.

When I was all done and packed, I got a mini-tour of the Tudor garden which Elspeth, one of the Centre’s owners, had created. It was a little oasis of colour and form. The compact space of nicely ordered beds included an astonishing variety of flowers, herbs and vegetables: fragrant roses, vibrant pot marigolds, scented lavender, variegated sages and mint, box hedges and willow trellises. Much of it was edible – so I was very happy to mooch about, nibbling a leaf of this, and rubbing the scent of that. Everything was flourishing – but the most eye-catching item, standing proud like regal insignia, were magestic heads of dark green kale.

I was graciously gifted some to take home. After taking this photo, I put them straight into a potent, nourishing smoothie – which was all I needed to conclude my food requirements for the day.

I’m grateful that a mornings work can whizz by with such charm.

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